Casino Ready

The GTSource CasinoReady program was developed to handle product fulfillment needs for customers and ensure a seamless build and product shipment direct to casinos and other specific customer locations

Once the manufacturing of the customers gaming machines is completed, the CasinoReady program can be utilized to prepare multiple allotments of gaming machines and prepare them for individual shipments.

The CasinoReady program first stages the gaming machines at GTSource as they will be set on the gaming floor.  With allowances by customers, the machines will be tested and diagnosed with the server and simulated as if onsite.  Customers can visit and send personnel or login remotely.  Once the gaming machines are approved, they can be product labeled and packaged with customer logos and other identifications. 

The CasinoReady program will manage the loading of single or multiple shipments allowing the assurance that each shipment is loaded in order and ready to be received at the gaming location to be immediately installed.

In addition, the CasinoReady program works to be transparent in order to fulfill all product shipments allowing customers to have the appearance that shipments are from their facility locations.

The CasinoReady program has default features while also offering options based on customer needs and requirements.  Contact a GTSource representative for more information about the CasinoReady program.